Electronics & Robotics

Along the way, students will learn how electronic circuits work and the uses of components like resistors, led's, switches, motors, sensors and microcontrollers as well as some useful programming skills. They will learn how to draw circuits on paper and make them work using LED's and Battery. They will also learn how to make their own obstacle avoiding self driving robot. Once the basics are understood they will be limited only by their imagination.

Detailed Syllabus:

Introduction to the fascinating world of Electronics & Robotics

Basics of Electronic Circuit, Current, Voltage and Resistance

Ohm's Law

Basics of Electronic Components







Building Paper based circuits

Introduction to Arduino Microcontroller

Building an obstacle avoiding Robot

Programming the Robot

Duration: 4 Days


  • DIY Kit in a group of 4 students
  • CD containing opensource softwares and manuals
  • Certificate