How to clean up your diet in 5 Days


You’re busy and you think that getting healthier is going to take too much time to implement so why even bother. How about a simple five day formula that will help you get the junk out and the good stuff in? You will have more energy, feel healthier, have a higher sense of awareness, and will think more clearly. It is important to note that not one diet will work for everyone. So different variations of the following may work better for others, and it is important to adapt your diet as your go along. Do not be afraid to try something NEW! You may love how it tastes, and how you feel after eating it!

Most importantly, LISTEN TO YOUR BODY. Our bodies are constantly giving us signals as to what it needs and what is taxing it so take time to pay attention to those signals and even write it down in a journal if possible.

We would not put the wrong fuel in our cars in fear of damaging it, so why do we put unhealthy fuel in our own bodies? Maybe it’s out of habit, an unbalanced stressful lifestyle or as a coping mechanism to deal with unpleasant emotions. Whatever the reason is, forgive yourself and know that you can start a clean slate in just 5 days.

The first step is identifying what has caused this programming to begin in the first place. Take a few moments and pinpoint what things in your life may need some adjusting so that you can sustain a healthy diet upon embarking on eating healthier and feeling better! Visualize what your health goal is and the steps you can take to achieve your goal. Write down your intentions and put them in a place you see them every day as a reminder of why you are doing this, right on the fridge would be a great place.

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